No Child Left Behind

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May 14, 2020
March 23, 2021

Learning Skills International School (LSIS) is a school dedicated to enrolling
and training talented, motivated and responsible children with innovative
learning techniques. We pride ourselves in the fact that we put our children
first and do anything in our power to ensure that all our children are catered
for. In these trying time, schools have been closed down and parents have
been forced to keep their children at home 24/7.
This has come at a cost to some parents who continue to work during the
lockdown. Some parents have been faced with the tough decision of whether
to allow their children to study on their own and give them access to their
devices without supervision or not take part at all.
As the school seeks to ensure that all its students receive the education they
rightly deserve, LSIS organises for an assistant teacher to go to those houses
twice a week at no additional cost. Not only does this make the parents
appreciate the school more, it keeps the parents at ease that their children are
being thought of and are cared for by the school.
LSIS will continue to put the children first to ensure that these children grow
up to make a positive impact in their future lives and the society.