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The Principal, Mrs. Sophia Amarteifio manages the day-to-day running of the Pre School and Primary School.

The Admissions and Enrollment officer, Mrs. Charlotte Ashie-Mensah is responsible for managing the admissions process and subsequent engagement with all new families and prospective families as well. She is also the PA to the Principal.

The Accounts Assistant, Ms. Cecilia Quansah is responsible for all billing, financial and accounting matters.

The Coordinator, Mrs. Caroline Nkansah is responsible for all maintenance and development of the grounds, buildings and other assets for the whole school.

The IT Manager, Mr. Aaron Baneseh oversees the development and implementation of ICT infrastructure across the school. He also manages the team responsible for procurement of new ICT systems and software, maintenance of hardware and servers as well as ICT training for staff.

Fees/Other Payments

Fees should be paid by cheque/banker’s draft, bank transfer or direct payment to the School’s account at Fidelity Bank. Fines for lost or damaged library books and textbooks are paid at the Accounts Office. End of term reports or student results may be withheld if students have outstanding obligations to the School.

Know your classes

Creche Ms. Patience Abekah
Nursery 1 Bluebell Ms. Dzifa Amuyaw
Nursery 1 Daffodil Mrs. Phyllis Ankumah
Nursery 1 Primrose Ms. Florence Oyeadier
Nursery 2 Violet Ms. Evelyn Pokuwaa
Nursery 2 Lavender Ms. Henrietta Okwabi
Nursery 2 Hibiscus Ms. Georgina Aidoo
KG 1 Rose Mrs. Lucy Okai
KG 1 Jasmine Mrs. Nelly Safori
KG 1 Marigold Mrs. Irene Tetteh
KG 2 Lily Ms. Miriam Owusu
KG 2 Ixora Ms. Lily Lamptey
Class 1 Tulip Mrs. Priscilla Kusi-Owen
Class 2 Magnolia Mr. Jenkins Adade
Class 3 Begonia Mr. Nathaniel Amakye
I.T. Ms. Tiffany Ankumah
Music Mr. Oliver Badu Kwarteng
P.E. Mr. Theophilus Opai
French Mr. Peter Lassey