Admission Policy


Learning skills International school offers admission to all students who, in the opinion of the school's professionals, can benefit from its well-balanced programs.The admission process has been designed to be fair and is based on merit while fostering inclusion. We accept applications from students regardless of race, gender, ethnic, religion and national background.

The school considers the following as essential for admission to Learning Skills International School:

  1. Competence in the English language as determined by the entrance examination and/or educational records and certificates.
  2. An age-appropriate level of educational aptitude, skills as determined by the interview, examination, and educational records.
  3. Affinity with our student profile qualities such as caring, empathetic, faithful and self-disciplined as determined by the interview and educational records.
  4. All paperwork requested within the application package must be completed and submitted before entrance into the school. The School requires all student records in English or translated into English from the applicant’s previous school. The School reserves the right to contact the applicant’s previous school prior to acceptance.
  5. All fees must be paid before students are placed on the class roster.
  6. If a question regarding placement arises, the following factors are considered: School records, age and results of entrance test or most current standardized tests.
  7. The school reserves the right to exercise discretion where students are considered “borderline” in relation to their education records and tests.
  8. Parents or guardians of prospective students must ensure that all information relevant to the application is given. Any lack of disclosure such as disciplinary action, expulsion and suspension, a requirement for Special Educational Support, and a medical condition may result in the student not being admitted or being asked to leave when discovered

Enrollment Priority Policy

Priority enrollment will be accorded to students with siblings already at LSIS, or with siblings who have graduated from LSIS, provided the child meets all of the requirements for admission.

Wait list

In the event of capacity enrollment at a grade level or in a program, the Admission Office maintains a wait list. Applicants on the waitlist will be considered for admission as openings become available. Applicants on a wait list are governed by Board policy and priority lists. Waitlist Monitoring: During the height of admission season February - May, Director of Advancement and Admission officer monitor wait listed status each week. Students will be added to this list according to the enrollment priority policy

Late Admissions

  1. A student may be admitted to the school at any time during the school year provided there is space available, and it is determined that the student will be able to follow learning without any major difficulties.
  2. Access and Inclusion We recognize the importance of understanding the special education needs of any student who applies to our school, and we endeavor to help them as best as we can.
  3. Also during the admission process, the background of the students and his or her experiences are factored in to ensure that students are not disadvantaged by the process as cultural awareness is fundamental to the Association International School student.


Forms and application packets can be picked up from the Admissions office or downloaded from the website at The completed application form must be submitted to the admissions department, along with the bank slip of a non-refundable registration fee.

Admission Panel

The panel shall consist of the Head of School, Students, Director of Admissions, the appropriate Division Head and the IB Coordinator will sit in on the admission panel.


The admission process includes, but is not limited to, an interview with the applicant to be held by the appropriate Division Head. There will also be a parent interview conducted by the Head of School.


Once the application has been submitted, applicants must take an entrance examination. All applicants are required to take these tests as part of the admission procedures. Upon completion of the process, acceptance letters will be mailed out to parent(s)/guardians to inform them of the decision taken.

Admission Notification

Candidates should file their application early and certainly by the 15th June for entrance in order to be given full consideration for the upcoming academic year. LSIS works on admissions all year, sometimes notifying candidates of admission as early as April. We screen candidates in the order of application received. Please note that the entrants’ folder for admission cannot be reviewed by the Admission Committee until all steps in the admission procedure are completed.

Enrollment Procedure

Once a student is offered admission to LSIS, parents will be sent a formal acceptance letter, along with complete enrollment materials, including an Enrollment Contract and payment instructions. Families will be expected to respond to an offer of admission within 5 days of the date the offer was made.
Admission of students to LSIS is subject to the approval of the Admission Committee, who reviews each applicant file once it is complete.
Note: The Admission Office will only accept a fully completed hand-delivered or emailed application before it will start the admission process. (All application documents required must be submitted online. (No application documents may be hand-delivered or e-mailed. Future)

Authority for Decisions

Final authority for decisions on admission and grade placement rests with the Director of School, in consultation with principals.

Admission and Student Needs

Admission is open to all students who will benefit from a challenging, international, English-language education which prepares them for higher education and a life of challenge, change, and purpose. LSIS therefore, admits students whose academic, personal, social and emotional needs can be met by the school’s programs and services, and who can be integrated into a mainstream classroom.

Conditions of Admission

It is a condition of admission that all parents sign an Enrollment Contract at the time of admission to LSIS, and sign a re-enrollment conditions letter at the beginning of each school year at the time of paying first term fees. Previous School Records Students will not be accepted without receipt of official records from previous schools.

Acceptance and Placement

Generally, students will be placed in the grade for which they are age-appropriate, using September 1st as the threshold for grade placement. Parents must agree to the LSIS Admission Policy before enrollment. By signing your application for admission, you agree to the terms and conditions stated in the enrolment contract.

Withdrawal of Students

Required withdrawal of students by school

LSIS reserves the right to redraw a student if:

  1. the student’s best interest and needs cannot be met effectively by the school’s programs and services
  2. the student’s behavior is deemed to jeopardize the welfare of the school community
  3. the parents’ behavior is deemed to be disruptive, disrespectful, or to otherwise violate the ethos of the school
  4. the parent or student acts contrary to the expectations laid out in the Parent-Student-School Expectations agreement
  5. educationally significantly information is withheld from the school by the parents: or f. school fees are not paid in accordance with the expectations outlined in tuition statements and in the Re-Enrollment Contract


If a parent wishes to redraw their child, the following steps will be required;

  1. A written letter should be submitted to the school three month prior to withdrawal
  2. If appropriate notice is given and tuition is already paid for the term, it will be pro-rated per the number of weeks the child spends in school and the balance returned to the parent after the board’s approval
  3. If appropriate notice is not given a terms fees will be paid in lieu thereof
  4. Refund process will take a month or 6 weeks