Our Kindergarten Program is the bridge from Preschool to the Elementary program. Kindergarten children are encouraged to continue to grow socially, emotionally and intellectually.

Five-year-olds are ready to take on more independence and are increasingly invested in the world of “school.” They eagerly discuss ideas, learn to listen to each other and answer questions relating to a specific topic. They want to emotionally connect to their teachers and peers and often show pride in their work.

Kindergarteners are ready to branch out beyond the classroom and are better able to manage transitions. They attend special area classes daily. These classes include art, library, music, science, Spanish and health and wellness class. They also have opportunities to engage with and explore technology.

Our Kindergarten teachers are keenly aware that children in their care represent a wide range of learners. They take care to balance the children’s developmental need for exploration and play with the children’s increased readiness for structured lessons and learning routines. Differentiated instruction in the areas of literacy and mathematics is a hallmark of the kindergarten program thus making Kindergarten a critical springboard for learning experiences in Grades One through Five.

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